Automating trading

Let’s speak a little bit about algotrading… What do you know about it? I think – not much. Lets start from very beginning.

Fist of all, auto trading allows you to be free. Algoritm – do trading, you – relax.

Second one – you dont need to make descisions so you dont need to stress and make something wrong.

What else? Can you find signals for all day long? I think no. But algo bot can.

Of course in some cases you can test your algoritm on history. Can you the same with handtrade?

I will cheat if i say that it only got advantages. No, it also got some disadvantages. First of all its only a program and it cant analize external factors, like new or etc.

And of course you need to understand how it works. You need clearly understand it algoritm or it can fools you.

And, in my opinoin, the last one – you should be the main. You should control the bot, not the opposite.

So now you got more information about algotrading, then you know before. What next?

You can watch another pages on this site and learn more information about algotrading.