How to trade on MT5 with Binary Panel

Here i will tell you, how you can trade on MT5 binary options. First of all you need to know, that allow you to use automating sistem for trade.

They got special api (commands), using which one we can open positions on broker. So, lets think, how it works:

  • You click button on MT5
  • MT5 send some information to some site
  • This site take informaton and send spesial commands to broker (api)

So for now it works like this. But, to allow you program send some information to other site, you need to add this site to settings on MT5.

Tools -> Options

If you did so, you can ask broker to open positions.

One important thing, is that you should generate some special code (id) on broker, to let them identify you. This code will be used to open positions.

<On broker>
Settings -> Security & limits -> API token

To allow someone do trading settings “Read, Trade” will be enough. Now you can open positions on MT5, and some bots, like this, can trade. Don’t forget to put this code to bot.

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