Candle number indicator

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A simple indicator, witch allow you to find “n” candles in a row. It helps you to find trend candles. It is simple indicator, so you can use it free.

Signals of indicator

For example, with settings of 3 candles, it will find this situations and give you a signal. Empty candles do not count.

This indi can also inform you about finding new signals.

Big candles

This indicator also got some filter on big candles, lets see, how it works. In inputs it has “Filter on/off”, witch turn on/off this check.

Input params

Then we got “SMAPeriod” and also “Number of big candles”. So it will take “SMAPeriod” candles and if current candle’s body bigger then average of “SMAPeriod” last, it will be considered as “big”.

current candle body > 1.3 * average candle body

That does mean that in current context this candles is big.

Settings: candles -4, big candles -2

Last screen demonstrate how it works with 2 “big candles” params.

Now you can download it and test yourself.

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