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Do you know, that build a trading bot isn’t so difficult, as you think? Broker allow you to create your bots with simple constructor.

Lets see, what we got: broker binary com allow you to cunstruct your own trading bot with some logic using their technology.

This is the first logic step of the bot- here we got start settings like trade pair and contract types. Then you can chose time and first stake amount.

Then we got 2-d block with logic. I hide it cause it is the logic of real working bot on RSI indicator. So here we got some conditions to open new positions.

3-d block doesn’t necessary to use – so we skip it.

In 4-th block we decide what to do after the stake is done. For example this code if “Martingale” method, so we will increase our stake amount if stake will lose. And then do trade again.

This constructor is simple enough to start learning algotrading, and of course it got some troubles:

  1. There are not so much indicators in it
  2. Sometimes it can do some errors
  3. We cant test our bot on history

What is good about this constructor?

  1. It’s enouugh simple to start
  2. You can use different bots with different strategies in the same time
  3. It’s free

So all in all its good example to start with and then you go next system of creating your bots.

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