Instruction – how to create bots

This is the main thing you should know about creating bots on . This instruction will help you, if you want to create your own bot, or just want to add some thing to existing one – it will help you.

Even if creating bots on binary com isn’t so difficult to do, you still can have some questions about making bots. This instruction will answer them and help you to create your own bots.

If you can see we start from beginning and will make more and more complicated bots. And in the end you can create bots yourself.

This instruction will teach you simple things. But after that – we will learn some interesting bots. And from simple bot we will go to complex one.

We will discuss all the settings it got and learn about all the params it has.

Also we will talk about different stake information and other things.

As one of example we will create bot, which open positions on 00 seconds.

So, if you interesting in – look link below.

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