Binary Com Connector

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This tool allow you to open positions on Binary Com directly from MT5. All you need – to download this tool and set up site for connection. For now it has back connection to take information about closed positions and apportunity to open positions automaticlly.

This tool is good enough for hand trade on Binary com, but if you want just AUTI trading – check my last program for this need.

What you can see on last screen? It got place for your balance and place to show you profit / lose from trade session.

Here you can see that it also got back connection to check trade result and show it in trade list.

Watch some videos about this connector:

Last version of this connector got ability to trade automaticly. All you need – to set up indicator the way it gives graphical signals.

It also has ability to print information to file.

It has Martingale moneymanagment inside, and some other strategies.

All in all it is very useful tool to use. If you want only automatic trading – watch my other work. This connector got more functional, for now, but it was made long time ago and it’s hard to add some new functions in it.

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