Tool for adding outer indicator

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This is a special tool, which allow you to connect outer indicator to trading panel and trade by it signals. All you need to know – is indicator buffers number, in which signals store.

Lets go from the very beginning. After you download and add this tool to graphic you will see some inputs params.

First param we got – Number of call buffer. This is a number of buffer. where buy signals store. You should know it before start adding outer indicator to panel.
The same way works Number of sell buffer. You can see such information of chart datawindow. You can ask the developer of this idcator about currect buffer numbers.

Then we got Indicator Window and Indicator position in list. As default all indicators will got 0 window, but sometimes they gor their own windows to work with.
List number – is the number on it personal window. Dont forget, that all numbers come from 0 !

Then we got Default value of indicator. This is the value of indicator buffer when we got no signals. Usually it 0 or -1.

In tool logic – if in indi buffer value is bigger then default value – we got signal.

Next input – Show inforamtion. It can be usefull if you need to check you settings, and it will print buffer values in comment, so you can compare it to values in data window(csreen above).

Open on new bar – setting, wich allow you to find signal on new signal or every time. If you find signals on new candle – it will check previous candle for signal, if not – it will check current candle.

Call arrow name and sell arrow name – just settings for names of object you will use. Then you can set up panel so it will check for this names on graphic.

Then we got Time in ticks to show. This is setting of time after which signal arrows will be deleted. It is very useful if you dont whant to trade on old singals.
My panel got settings for deleting those signals, on which was opened positions. But this time is needed for deleting old not used signals.

And last we got – Stop on this candle. This settings is about ability to take only 1 signal on 1 candle. It is used with every tick signals finding. (open on new bar – false). In this mode you can have such situation, when on one candle you can see more then 1 signal.
Also you can turn this settings on if you need to find signals on current candle, but use this signal 1 time.

You also can check the example of connecting outer indicator to trading panel.

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