Adding outer indicator

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Lets see, how can we add outer indicator to trading panel and let it trade by it signals.

First of all – we choose and add indicator to graphic. For example lets choose binary absorption indicator.

After this action – you can see in data window 4 buffers of this indicator. The default value of them “-1”.
Then you just set up indicator as you want and can collapse it.

Next step – we add out outer indicator to chart.

Also we need to set up it. All i change is default indicator value and position in list. Buy and Sell buffers got common settings. For now it is ready to draw as a signals.
Lets now add trading panel.

All settings are common. First off all i write my Broker ID into it and then i tern it off. Next step i will set up indicators, i will turn it all off, and only OUTER will stand.
In OUTER indicator setting i will set names of objects, which were on Outer inicator inputs 1 step ago (CallArrow, SellArrow).

Thats done. Now you can set up trading settings and turn it on to make money.

And now trading is come…

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