New bot with new moneymanagment

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Lets see what i’ve done. This is new trading bot for binary com. which got very good results. What is the most interesting thing – on long distance.

First of all, lets talk about moneymanagment. As we know, there are two popular ways, different from fix stake: martingale and antimartingale.

I really dont like martingale method only because of high risk and low profit per series of bets. But if you clearly sure to use it – its ok.

When i test some strategies with it, all result i got – loss, if i set up maximum stake per trade, and my profit was two times less then maximum risk, if i dont set maximum stake. So in my opinion, if you havn’t got big amount of money, you should use something else.

Then we got antimartingale – very interesting strategy, but the main trouble is – we don’t know when it will end. If we set up too big max stake – we can got only lose in this trade session, aslo if we got to less step – we will got profit, but the same way our loss will be bigger.

All in all i mostly like antimartingale strategy, but dont know how i can use it profitly and how to set up my steps right way. Then i start thinking about two ways of earning money on binary options – 1) got strategy with 56% wins on long distance 2) thinking about some other kind or moneymanagment.

And in this thoughts i invent something new. This bot works on combination of martingale strategy and antimartingale one. And in my test it seems really good.

First result i’ve got was this one. I don’t use any kind of strategy, and just study how it works. If you know – i got some works on MT5, and i decided to use it functional to test my idea. I Wrote some expert for this needs and test it.

Here we come. It got really good results in test. The main idea it has – it gain profit on 50% winrate.

After one test i do other and other, and it got really good results. Sometimes whet i test some logic in tester it got 2 results – lose, because of negative expected value, or big profit, if i do something wrong about payout or other params. But not in this time.

To be really sure – i also test it on binary bot. Here are some results.

This is one of the most risky one, when i dont set up maximum stake for bot. My max stake was 1525$ and max risk is about 1525*9 ~ 13 725. Of course it is very bad, and result even worse then martingale has, but then i add settings for maximum stake and got such examples.

When i set up max stake as 50, that does mean that my maximum stake should be less than 50. In my example it was about 34 $ , so max risk was ~ 300 $.

Then i’ve got really interesting test. At first start bot lose some money and got negative profit. But then – it goes up and make money.

As i remember, first one it got profit about 150 $, then lose about 300 $ as our risk, and then come to this profit again.

All in all i think this is a really good money managment way. And I will continue testing it.

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