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Candle Harami

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This is a new indicator, working with candles pattern “Harami”. It draws signal, when pattern appears. It got not much settings. First of all – minimum % of harami. If it will be zero – system will find all harami candles, either system will find candles, witch smaller then N and percentages of previous one. Next one – candles before…. Read more »

Adding outer indicator

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Lets see, how can we add outer indicator to trading panel and let it trade by it signals. First of all – we choose and add indicator to graphic. For example lets choose binary absorption indicator. After this action – you can see in data window 4 buffers of this indicator. The default value of them “-1”. Then you just… Read more »

Binary Com Connector

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This tool allow you to open positions on Binary Com directly from MT5. All you need – to download this tool and set up site for connection. For now it has back connection to take information about closed positions and apportunity to open positions automaticlly. This tool is good enough for hand trade on Binary com, but if you want… Read more »

Colorful Candles

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This indicator will colorize candles in different colors. It will help you to find most interesting situations on graphic. Indicator supports 7 different patterns, which is more useful for traders. To see it clearly – you should firstly set candles as black and white, and then add indicator to chart. This indicator got settings, so you can turn off some… Read more »

Candle Patterns Indicator

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This is a candle patterns indicator. It helps you to find different candle patterns. All patterns were taken from “Japanese candles. Time-tested stock and futures analysis method”. This indicator is mostly useful for hand trade. This indicator, as you see, use mostly graphical elements to highlight patterns. It got more than 40 different patterns, divided by levels. You can turn… Read more »

Binary Bollinger

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Bollinger bands – very useful indicator for trading binary options. It algoritm allow you to see some market actiivity. Dynamic changes allow it to catch market high volatility. And you can use this changes in your trade. This indicator also got panel to see good or bad signals. You get opportunity to change expiration time to see different results. Then… Read more »

Binary Absorption

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This strategy find 2 candles, when last bigger then previous one. This is a good signal which can mean that trend can change. Using it you can find good positions to trade or just to watch out. This is very interesting tool with lot of setting. Fist of all: you can see red or green arrows of different ways. That… Read more »

Mi-2 Bot

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This is MI-2 bot, which seems very interesting to use. It got unique logic and use special money managment. Risk of this moneymanagment less then martin, but it still increase stake. You can use this bot logic with martingale, but this moneymanagment work good. Last screen – using martin. This one – using special moneymanagment.