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Binary Com Connector

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This tool allow you to open positions on Binary Com directly from MT5. All you need – to download this tool and set up site for connection. For now it has back connection to take information about closed positions and apportunity to open positions automaticlly. This tool is good enough for hand trade on Binary com, but if you want… Read more »

Mi-2 Bot

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This is MI-2 bot, which seems very interesting to use. It got unique logic and use special money managment. Risk of this moneymanagment less then martin, but it still increase stake. You can use this bot logic with martingale, but this moneymanagment work good. Last screen – using martin. This one – using special moneymanagment.

Digit difference

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Binary com allow to trade even on digit difference. All you need – to make prediction about last digit. Its not simple, but still work. So i made a trading robot using this strategy. This bot will analize last digits and then make a prediction on next one. This bot, using some algoritm, predict wich digit will not appear.

JU-15 Bot

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This bot trades on digit match / differs. It analyze numbers of last digits and then do a prediction. With low risk it can make good profit. I prefer to trade matches – it got low risk. And you also can use some moneymanagment strategy with it. Even long trade distance it have good results.

TI-12 bot

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There is 2 strategy of moneymanagment, wich is popular enough: martingale and antimartingale. But what if one bot will use it both? Seems cool right? Yes it is. This is bot TI-12. There are two methods of monemanagmen in it logic . Using it all you can get more profit. This bot trade on digit even/odd algoritm. Using both martin… Read more »

RSI bot

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Indicators can be very powerful instrument for analyzing the market. One of them – RSI indicator. It got 2 levels, in wich market will have more chances to go opposite way. So uts the main logic of this indicator. This indicator work good enough but you still need to filter trend activity. So your help also needed. Dont think, that… Read more »

Simple Antimartin Bot

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There is one very popular method of moneymanagment – martingale. So antimartingale isn’t so popular but it also good enough method to use. It got logic, wich ask you to increase you stake after good trade. This logic is asymmetrical to martingale method. So it will work good, if you’ll got series of good stakes. With small risk you can… Read more »

Simple Martin Bot

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One of the most popular moneymanagment is increasing stake after you lose. This method allow you to take more positive stakes, but also increase you lose amount. The main idea of this logic is that you will increase you stake and it will cover your loses. But of course you deposit not endless, so you should understand how many times… Read more »