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Candle absorption

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This simple tool will show you absorption pattern. If one candle will be bigger then previous one – you’ll see a signal. If you can see, there a lot signals. This indi good for hand trading and just help you to find pattern, not for auto trading. A lot will depends on context. This indicator is simple enough, so it… Read more »

Candle Time Inform

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Simple utility shows time before next candle come. Can be very usefull especially on binary trading. Can show only time or time with text. This utility is very useful if your trade is connected with the appearance of a new candle. For example, you got signal, but will open the stake on next candle – so you need to know… Read more »

Candle number indicator

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A simple indicator, witch allow you to find “n” candles in a row. It helps you to find trend candles. It is simple indicator, so you can use it free. For example, with settings of 3 candles, it will find this situations and give you a signal. Empty candles do not count. This indi can also inform you about finding… Read more »